Bahareh Ahmadian was born in Tehran, Iran. Having an adventurous spirit, she went to New Zealand after she was graduated from high school and she completed her English in there. After two years she went to the UAE to complete her higher education. She was graduated in BBA specialized in Marketing & Management from an American university while she was working in the dynamic but hectic business atmosphere of Dubai.  Collecting a good deal of business experience during 8 years of studying and working in Dubai, she decided to learn a profession and start her own small business. Due to her consistent tendency towards art in addition to the powerful drive to do crafting with her hands, she started learning accessories-making in 2009. In 2010 she opened a small gallery in Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran. Parallel to that, because of deep love towards Tazhip and Persian miniature, she developed a new method of making Tazhip pictures with wire and crystals and gradually became involved in this art.

In recent decades, Istanbul has become a major hub of Islamic calligraphy and Tazhip. Thus, to find her professional path in this field, Bahareh went to Istanbul to study Tazhip. However, because of motivating business atmosphere of Turkey, she revived her brand “Golabatoun” again in Istanbul and registered her small company in February 2017.

With the aim of providing jobs to women, she made up a small production team and she wishes to expand her target market not only in Turkey but in Iran and the UAE and consequently hire many female and even male youth to the Golabatoun community.